As a writer for the Iowa City Press Citizen, I was asked to submit a piece on the first anniversary of 9/11. 'Silent Sky' is that article.

In this essay, I write about loss, when my forty year aviation career, a job and avocation I was born for, simply vanished, leaving me lost, fearful and bitter. I discovered a way to put the loss behind me and move on. 'I didn't crash...' was first published in The Swashplate, the newsletter of the Combat Helicopter Pilot Association, CHPA.

'Lift Off' is about my return home to Ohio from Hawaii to care for my dying father. The essay won The Bailey Prize for non-fiction in 2012.

A curious pattern between politics & baseball. Coincidence? You decide.

TSBM is based on my forty-year career in the cockpit of 20 different kinds of commercial and military helicopters. Filled with human interest stories from my life in the sky, the memoir shows what it's really like to fly all over the world as a journeyman helicopter pilot. Available at Amazon in paperback & digital.

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