Byron Edgington: The SkyWriter

“Just finished... "The Sky Behind Me." Very impressive... My God, a pilot who can write, who would of ever thunk it. I hope everyone enjoys the book as much as I did."
Harrison Jones:

“This memoir appeals to Vietnam veterans, pilots, medical transport technicians, and war history and aviation enthusiasts.”

DC Marion Ohio

"… this is a tale anyone can relate to if you have ever yearned to pursue a dream of your own."

— Randolph P. Mains, author of The Golden Hour and Dear Mom I'm Alive.

"I laughed, I cried, but mainly-- I simply could not put it down…"— Connie Shelton, author of the Charlie Parker and Samantha Sweet mysteries.

"A story of misplaced trust, disappointment, loss and finally triumphant hope, The Sky Behind Me is a tribute to human resilience and compassion, and aviation memoir at its best. Do you love reading about people taking charge of their own destiny? If so, you’ll love this book." — Bill Brady, author of World War Two: Cause and Effect.

“For anyone who 1) has ever been handed a lemon and turned it into lemonade, 2) has a love for flying, 3) served in Vietnam or 4) wonders how we got to where we are, this book will enlighten, fascinate and keep your mind focused and thinking about what Byron Edgington presents in this fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable memoir. Wonderfully written, highly entertaining... simply a damn good read !!”

KJ Portsmouth Ohio

“Loved the book. Byron has a wonderful way with words and made me smile. I also love flying and he put my feelings into words.”

Deb B Waterloo Iowa

“I enjoy...memoirs, but Byron Edgington's "The Sky Behind Me" was a particularly readable and interesting account of his life in and out of helicopters in locales that range from Alaska to Vietnam. No two flights are the same (at least, not the ones included in the book). I enjoyed reading about...what could otherwise be seen as a nightmare, ended up setting the tone for the rest of his life, allowing him to create a new dream.” Kris Williamson author of Son Complex Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

“...if you are interested in aviation, good stories about flying, you'll enjoy this book. If you like reading about someone's life story and how for most of us it's doesn't always take off from point A and go straight to point B, you'll enjoy this book. It's very honest and Byron is not afraid to tell it like it is and how it was. I highly recommend it!” Larry Allen Ex-Marine/Liberal.

I read your story as an aviator and felt a lot of kinship and shared experience. I also thought through the book as if I had never experienced the things you described and felt assured that it would have
been equally, or even more enjoyable to someone who had never done any of the things that you have accomplished. You write very well Byron!!! Your word choices and descriptiveness paints vivid pictures and stimulates the mind. You have definitely found yet another calling in your life!!! Thank you for sharing that with me and the many others who will enjoy your writing!

Rich Burke, CW-4 Ohio National Guard

Book Reviews: The Sky Behind Me

Author interview December 4th 2013.

My interview with Doug Dangler on WCBE, Central Ohio's NPR station. We discuss The Sky Behind Me, the story behind the book, insights to writing memoir and my recent graduation from The Ohio State University. Doug also asks about my upcoming writing projects, Growing Up Crowded and Waiting for Willie Pete, a Helicopter Novel of Vietnam.