Events Review

Fashion Beijing Exhibition/WEEK UP Exhibition/International Photography Exhibition

● The fashion Beijing exhibition section is the official supporting exhibition of Beijing Fashion Week. Combining with the current trend hotspots, it caters to mainstream consumer trends and is committed to creating a multi-functional innovative exhibition sales platform.

●Through brand exhibitions, fashion events, business transactions, interactive experiences, etc., it gathers trend factors such as designers, brands, industry experts, and cross-border celebrities, integrates fashion resources, and creates a closed-loop online and offline fashion ecosystem. Here, business and lifestyle are compatible to each other, fashion and diversified consumption is integrated, and fashion and trends are fully displayed, which takes a lead in fashion life.

● Fashion Beijing international photography exhibition is one of the series of fashion photography activities during Beijing fashion week. In addition, there are a series of fashion photography activities around Beijing fashion week throughout the year, such as fashion Beijing photography competition, to link fashion and image resources, so as to bring infinite possibilities of cross-border integration of fashion and image.