Events Review
  • Fashion Beijing Photography Contest

    The Fashion Beijing Photography Contest is a featured event on the Beijing Fashion Week platform. The Fashion Beijing Photography Contest 2019 is an upgrade that provides more opportunities and display platforms for creative and mature photographers and newcomers with great potential. It also provides diverse visual presentation and artistic expression for fashion video.

    (For more information>>收官 | 推崇时尚影像新浪潮 镜头中的时尚更多元

  • Model Contest

    On September 7, 2019, during Beijing Fashion Week, the "Grand Model Ceremony" and the 2019 "Chinese Children" Model Contest Global Award Ceremony co-organized by Beijing Fashion Week and Bebe magazine grandly opens.

    The theme of this grand ceremony is "cross-border integration", which gathers many leading companies and institutions in various fields of the children industry, outstanding leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the education of children aesthetics, celebrities and guests from various fields such as fashion, art, education, etc. as well as children stars.

    With three new top international brand products releases, popular song and dance performances, 2019 "Chinese Children" model contest awarding, and "Green Child Envoy" status awarding, it opens an unprecedented cross-border fashion festival for children.

  • The 3rd "Snow Lotus Cup" Cashmere Hand-Woven Innovation Competition

    The theme of the 3rd "Snow Lotus Cup" Cashmere Hand-Woven Innovation Competition is "Weaving in Sincerity", and the works focus on "Handmade and Life, Cashmere and Art, Artisan and Industry". The competition is divided into two categories: "clothing" and "non-clothing". Through the creation of hand-made works that “use cashmere yarn as the main material, with multiple elements and multiple forms display”, it presents the culture of return to nature, respect to the culture of handcraft and cashmere lifestyle, and displays the integration of knitting, art and life.