• By & Mariah Edgington

In Memoriam

On this Memorial Day in the US, I remember fallen comrades, the men I flew with on many missions, those who had the same hopes and aspirations, my fellow aviators who took off and never landed.

We were posted to a place we should not have been, fighting when we should not have, for a cause none of us understood, and most of us doubted.

This does not diminish your sacrifice and valor. Those aviators—whatever MOS you held—who still fly a little way above our heads, calling to us, reminding us that when your nation called you answered, and did your best.

We salute you friends, comrades, colleagues. On this day, in memoriam, we honor you. We answer you. We will not forget what you did, no matter the worth or estimation of it. We will turn to your names, your faces, your courage and commitment, and remember. And praise.

We cannot sufficiently thank you, but we vow to make the effort. You who've taken off for your final flight, may you have sufficient lift, stable air, tailwinds, and safe passage. You are clear to climb.

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