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Stop And Smell the Dandelions!

Abundance. From the Latin abondare to fill, or to enhance. It’s a word we use with abandon these days (Abandance?) But do we really live in a world of abundance? Or have we always? The picture comes from a nearby park here in Iowa City a three-minute walk from our house. I remarked recently to Mariah that “there seems to be an abundance of dandelions this year. Lots of weeds.” We took several shots with the camera/phone/gameboard/message center/secretary/weather center/timer etc. etc. The smartphone has an abundance of uses, no? “I wonder who decided they’re weeds?” I said. It made me think of what else we call weeds, and what we call abundance? I read recently that everything we take in is simply data,

until we assign it a label, good or bad. In other words, we sometimes miss the abundance we’re immersed in by labeling whatever comes along as weeds

In Journey Well, You Are More Than Enough we write about how we focus on the weeds in our lives, the apparent missteps, and errors, the episodes of being human that we label mistakes. In a recent book on the subject, Abundance. The Future is Better Than You Think, authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler meet the issue head on. We’re surrounded by abundance, the authors write, we need to dismiss the concept of weeds.

Journey Well, friends, and don’t forget to stop and smell the dandelions!

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