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Targets: A Vietnam War Novel
really liked it
Here we have a novel that was clearly written by an author who's been there; done that. Targets is the story of a Marine Major passed over for promotion, exiled to Saigon as a desk jockey, then recruited into one of those top secret, 'if...
The Genius of Birds
really liked it
Here we have a wonderful exploration of the inside of birds' heads and a dismissal of several old chestnuts about our avian friends. It seems they are not 'bird brains,' or simple creatures acting only on instinct, but very smart, in som...

The Sky Behind Me 2nd Edition

Extended Downwind

is now available.

TSBM has been reissued with a

new chapter on Crew Resource Management

$3.99 E-Book

$12.95 Paperback

The skywriter

Editio Self-Publishing
Editio Self-Publishing 1388 members
This group is for all self-published authors and those who want to be. Here we will discuss every...

Books we've read

The Girl in the Lighthouse
All That is Beautiful
Sacred Intentions
A Dog Named Jingle Bells
Whispers in the Woods, Vol. 1
The Seamstresses
The Colors of Qua
Death or Quarter
Awake in the Mad World
The Sheol
The Ninth Orphan
The Orphan Factory
Meditation on Space-Time
Sugar and Spies
The Orphan Uprising
The Orphan Trilogy
Eighteen Months To Live

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